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Hello and welcome to The Smoochie Pooch. We are truly blessed to have our love for animals be our busines. Sarah started with  grand idea that she could create a specialized business geared to people who love their animals as their children. She wanted to give animals the love and attention they deserve while their owners are away whether it be for a few hours or an extended amount of time.  Sarah spent many long hours researching different breeds and learning basic training techniques to dealing with dogs who may be a little shy and earning trust. So much was learned in those first few years. In 2015 Bo joined the business. He also has a passion for dogs and was involved with most of what Sarah was doing with the business anyway. As the business continued to grow we needed all hands on deck. Bo is great at scouting new places for the dogs to adventure as well as giving much needed cuddles to our tiny to largest friends. Both Sarah and Bo love what they do and it is evident when your dogs come home happy and content. We cannot wait to meet you and your beloved furry family.


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It can be stressful to leave your pet while you are away at work or for a long vacation. At The Smoochie Pooch we have years of experience backed by a passion for animals and their well being. We have experience with puppies to senior dogs. We know how to earn the trust of a shy dog and tire out the most energetic breeds. You and your pet will get the best most personalized service at The Smoochie Pooch. 

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